"At 43, I was at a loss with my complexion.  I tried virtually everything on the market for a smooth complexion, but nothing seemed to work.  I started seeing Patti in May of 2013 and now my face is glowing.  She really took the time to examine my skin and do a thorough analysis.  She worked with me and helped me to feel confident again.  I finally found the perfect balance for my skin while seeing Patti and using the professional products she recommended for my skin.  I still see Patti once a week for L.E.D.* treatments."

"If you are looking for someone to pamper you or have a particular skin need, I encourage you to make an appointment with Patti.   My face looks amazing and her products are all plant and fruit derived."

Angie Franks, Austell

 *Light Emitting Diodes (L.E.D.) use your body's natural process to heal.  Research done by NASA concludes that cells exposed to LED light therapy will heal 150-200% faster.  These small bursts of light can cauterize damaged blood vessels and evaporate trapped blood and pigment buildups, removing skin discoloration and preventing future skin damage.  L.E.D. is one of the newest and most celebrated and documented treatments for aging and damaged skin. 

The FDA approved blue light therapy for acne treatment in 2002.  There is no cure for acne, but research has proven that blue light consisting of a wavelength of 415 nm does improve acne and minimizes and prevents the occurrence of acne lesions from forming. 


An actual guest at Fine Feathers, relaxing to a soothing soundscape of music while having a rejuvenating L.E.D. treatment.


"I love getting facials and trying out new treatments, so recently, I decided to visit Patti at Fine Feathers Skin Care in Marietta and treat myself. Beside the fact that Patti is very knowledgeable about skincare, she is so devoted to making your experience the best it can be. This particular day, she was telling me all about microcurrent** facial toning, a non-surgical facial treatment. Her excitement led me to try it out that same day and it was truly amazing! After that one treatment, my skin looked incredibly toned, smooth and YES, younger looking! I always look forward to seeing Patti, learning about the new products she recommends for my skin and of course, feeling like a "new" me when I leave! Thanks Patti!"

Mara Cleveland, Marietta 

**What is microcurrent? This is Patti's favorite treatment facial!  Low levels of electrical current, known as microcurrents, send impulses to the muscles in your face.  Sumishi Microcurrent machines mimic the electrical impulses already present in the body and send such a small amount of pulse that the sensory nerves are not stimulated and no pain is felt.  Essentially, Microcurrent is a facial toning machine that "re-educates" the facial muscles and helps to restore them to their original shape.  It is a very relaxing treatment performed at Fine Feathers Salon and Spa as you lay on a comfortable treatment bed listening to a relaxing soundscape of soothing music. Our guests have been known to fall asleep during this treatment!  While microcurrent firms and tones your face, it simultaneously improves your facial circulation which in turn stimulates the production of collagen.  Because the collagen stimulation is improved, the tone, texture and appearance of fine lines are also improved.  See our Microcurrent Facial page for more details. 

 "I have been seeing Patti for skincare treatments since 2011.  I love the personalized service she gives. She always seems to know just the right treatment to make my skin feel more smooth, young, and healthy.  My favorite treatment...Benefit Peel***.  I see dramatic results the very next day! Patti shows me which homecare products are the right ones to use for my particular needs, too.  She's worth the drive!"

Susan Wallace, Lilburn

***Benefit Peel combines encapsulated Retinol (Vitamin A) with powerful antioxidants- like L- Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)- to neutralize irritation.  This treatment actively resurfaces as it repairs to combat multiple skin conditions like fine lines, lack of firmness, and rough, dry, uneven texture. Real results...without the typical downtime.