WHY CosMedix ?   As a licensed esthetician, my single most important decision was in choosing a truly unique and professional skincare line that I could honestly believe in, one that would show my clients big results and one that is cruelty- free. 

In today’s skincare market, consumers often struggle to separate truly professional products/treatments from those simply inflated by retail hype. Fortunately, there is a professional skincare line that meets my high expectations. I am proud to introduce and represent CosMedix, a powerful, clinically proven professional line that stands alone in performance. 

Powerful, Proven Performance

CosMedix is the global leader in chirally correct skin care technology- a cutting-edge purification process that ensures only the best, most effective form of an ingredient makes it into our formulas. From High-performance peels to at-home care, CosMedix products interact with the skin at the molecular level for powerful performance without the typical side effects of most cosmeceuticals. Chiral purification is a standard so pure and precise, that the FDA mandates its use in the development of pharmaceutical drugs. Largely overlooked in conventional skincare, it’s a standard we believe holds our products to a higher level of efficacy and safety. 

In addition to being chirally correct, CosMedix products are nature-based, earth-friendly and cruelty-free. You won’t find parabens, mineral oil or chemical dyes in our formulas- only potent, proven formulas with the power to dramatically transform the skin without irritation. 

I look forward to sharing more with you about CosMedix products and services. Please feel free to ask me any questions and/or request a free sample of one of our Cosmedix products. 


Patti Miller, LE