Microcurrent facial

Microcurrent… “The Non-surgical Face Lift”

The muscles of the body require both electrical and chemical activity in order to perform the daily activities of the body. As the body ages, the reactions triggered by our electrical impulses slow down and the skin begins to lose its elasticity and suppleness. 

Discover the secrets of the stars with this remarkable facial contouring technology! Known as the Red Carpet Facial, this relaxing Microcurrent facial utilizes the latest technology using safe, low levels of electrical current with advanced wave forms that mimic and work in synergy with the body’s own biological current to trigger physiochemical reactions at the cellular level and address the visible signs of aging to help restore the face to its youthfulness and vitality. What might you expect? 

  • A very relaxing, painless and rejuvenating facial treatment scheduled at your convenience
  • See results after the very first session & results are cumulative
  • An alternative to more aggressive/invasive forms of facial rejuvenation
  • Reduction of fine lines, creases and wrinkles
  • Diminishes expression aging
  • Reduction of dark circles and puffiness under eyes
  • Improvement of blood circulation, oxygenation & lymphatic drainage for a healthy glow
  • Stimulates ATP – fuel for our cells, the “energy of life”
  • Strengthens and “re-educates” muscles that have lost their vigor
  • Visible firming, tightening and contouring of jowls, double chins, droopy eyelids
  • Increase in hydration, cellular mitosis & fibroblast activity (synthesis of collagen)
  • More of a youthful appearance with a lifted, toned look to your skin
  • Aids in improving the texture (smoothness) and brightness of the skin with no down time

The results of Microcurrent are cumulative.  That means the more facial toning treaments you receive the more improvement you will begin to see.  Just as the more you enter the gym and tone your muscles, the better the results, so too with Microcurrent.  However, unlike working out at the gym, Microcurrent gives instant gratification, with an immediate visible difference.  To strengthen, lift and tighten, a series of 10-12 treatments (2-3 times a week) is recommended for best results and then a maintenance schedule of once a month afterwards. Remember, results can be seen after just one session. (special occasion).

Microcurrent therapy is a good treatment for any skin type;however, it should not be used on clients with pacemakers or those who are pregnant.

1 session...$95

or prepay for 5 sessions, get one free ( total package of 6 sessions)...$475,

only $79 per session.